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Split Conditioners and fans. Split air conditioner. Installation Split Conditioners in houses and offices

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  • Split Conditioners and fans

    Split Conditioners and fans. Split air conditioner. Installation Split Conditioners in houses and offices

    Creation of a cool in a premise

    Fertile properties of a cool are especially dear(expensive) to us in hot summer. Question where to disappear from heat despite of apparent multi-variant approach of answers to him(it), actually - rhetorical, so As means unique answer: in a cool premise. In hot year creation of acceptable temperature in dwelling same as also in winter, depends on his degree Thermal isolation. In it The material, thickness of external walls, design of a roof of a house, quality of condensation on joints of his building designs, including - door and window apertures play a role. Protection against heat- It first of all protection against years(summer) sun, therefore in isolation of a house from high external temperatures plays a significant role still color of walls and protection of premises against penetration into them of solar beams. External walls of light color are more cool dark is clearly, but nevertheless solar heat will penetrate into house basically through Windows, hence, protection against him(it) should be at Windows. Windows with usual glasses Pass(miss) up to 85 % of solar heat and to leave them without protection against direct solar beams it is possible in very temperate climate.

    venetian Blind - protection against heat

    The elementary, but not so effective and pleasant protection may be dense window Wall and curtains. But they only block to solar beams a way to depth of a room, not reflecting them and leaving all heat in a room, in passing complicating air circulation in it(her). Similarly work a venetian blind from vertical fabric plates. Other business " horizontal metal a venetian blind (or a venetian blind with a metal covering on plates).

    Depending on a place of accommodation a venetian blind (external a venetian blind, internal a venetian blind, established(installed) between window panes, established(installed) before a window) they reflect from 12 up to 15 % of a sunlight. Are very effective in detention of solar heat (from 56 up to 82 %) window panes and glasses with transparent metal covering reflecting thermal radiation of sun, but their application is connected to deterioration of light exposure of a premise, and they may be recommended only for big Windows. It is possible, truth, instead of all it to spread bushes or trees before Windows, but at a condition, that they will not worsen light exposure of premises of a house.

    As a whole to reduce temperature influence of solar heat it is possible observing at registration of an interior of room focused by Windows on south and south - west, following recommendations:

  • - wall Covering should be dark, nonsaturated, tones, it is desirable brownish and bluish shades;
  • - do not use Covering with a lustrous covering;
  • - furniture should be mainly dark color with a dim covering and with a minimum of glass inserts;
  • - in a room there should not be many mirrors and glasses;
  • - in solar rooms it is best to cover a floor dark, under color of furniture, linoleum.

  • Split Conditioners and fans

    Intensively to create a cool in a premise in a conditions of life it is possible only having cooled in it(him) air or having forced it(him) to move. For first Case there are household conditioners, for second - household fans - Fans.

    Indispensable conditions for effective work of conditioner are full hermetic sealing of a premise (external air in him(it) should get only through conditioner) and a proper correlation of volume of a premise and capacity of conditioner which is usually specified in passport of device.

    As if to fans a variety of their designs is so great that gives in to description only from point of view of a way of their installation in a premise according to which they are desktop, floor, On a ceiling and manual. However, last in strict sense hardly can be attributed(related) to fans for premises - they can be used anywhere and they serve only for individual Aerations. main criteria of productive work of fan are capacity, sizes of blades and a corner Aerations.

    Take into account:

  • - Room without carpets and with small quantity(amount) of furniture is more cool and room which has been blocked up with furniture and with carpets is aired faster, than.

  • Tasty air is important for health

    there Is no need to prove importance for health of person of such standards of air, as a degree of relative humidity and a level of impurity. Humidity of air is defined(determined) by quantity(amount) water pair in unit of his volume (absolute humidity). In To science about a climate operate with concept - relative humidity more often. Relative humidity is expressed by percentage of absolute humidity to greatest possible (sating) at given temperature.

    The optimal for person is relative humidity 40 " 60 %. Humidity promotes rise in temperature in a premise in summer and to downturn in its(her) winter as air circulation necessary for heat exchange is slowed down because of a saturation his water ferry.

    Excessive humidity complicates breath, raises sensitivity of person temperature of air, promotes development of respiratory diseases. She(it) in a combination to insufficiently high temperature of air results in presenilation of building and finishing materials, damage of furniture, domestic equipment and clothes stored(kept) in house. reason of raised(increased) humidity of air in a premise may be saturation his water ferry, acting from outside at home together with external air, and also activity of person, for example " preparation peep, damp cleaning of a premise, storage in an open kind of some products, washing, preparation peep etc.

    The help information:
    Humidity of air in themes is higher, than closer to ground it is. In -winter period of year, and also in early spring humidity of external air usually is higher, than in summer. Humidity of air is measured psihometr or hygrometers, but hardly it is necessary to spoil an interior of a room these rather complex(difficult) devices: excessive humidity is felt by a nose. most damp premises in house - a bathroom, kitchen and a toilet.

    For maintenance of an optimum level of humidity of air in dwelling do not overlook to follow below-mentioned simple rules, please.

    In due time air or condition a premise! Do not leave a bathing room open a door during washing, washing or drying of linen in it(her), and also Close a kitchen door for period of preparation of food in it(her). At damp cleaning premises as it is possible wipe a dry cloth humidified surfaces more carefully. Do not dry linen, clothes and footwear, and also do not iron in inhabited rooms. Do not place big aquariums in small premises. Do not transform a premise into a flower greenhouse: on 5 cub. m. of his volume should be no more than one flowerpot with an alive medium-sized flower. Big Flowers - such as palm trees and ficuses, raise only in rooms area not less than 25 sq.m. Do not open for a long time a window leaf during plentiful and long deposits. Watch(keep up) a condition of lattices on apertures of exhaust channels, do not suppose formation(education) on them and on walls of channel of dust felt accessible to cleaning, do not close their hinged cases, Curtains and other subjects. In due time eliminate outflow in cranes, gates and joints of sewer pipes of bathrooms and kitchens. Insufficient humidity of air same as also excessive, creates discomfortable conditions for stay in dwelling. In such cases (at relative humidity 20 % are lower 30 ") speak, that air dry. Excessively dry air though less harmful to health, than Damp, nevertheless has an adverse effect on a condition of mucous membranes of a human body, worsens exchange processes in it(him), and also state of health, may cause dryness in a mouth in a throat.

    Usually dryness of air in a premise arise - at intensive Heating his heating devices, especially such, as a source of thermal energy in which open fire serves. Airing and conditioning of a premise and in this case may To be useful good service to his microclimate. If in a premise there is no conditioner, and airing does not give desirable result or too cools a premise to humidify air it is possible with help of elementary adaptation for evaporation of water. Such adaptation may be an ordinary bowl with water, established near to a heater. But it is not always convenient and aesthetic, that is why it is better to use special dampeners offered by industry. So, in nomenclature of dampeners of industrial production there are models stipulated for installation on Radiator battery.

    A condition of humidity of air influence not only activity of person, but also hygroscopicity of building and finishing materials of a premise. There is such concept, as about breath walls and a ceiling (the floor plays it less significant role). Actually under about breath intensity of moisture exchange between air and protecting designs of a premise, here is meant. Ability of walls and ceilings to absorb a moisture from air. Absorbing a moisture materials are Unpainted tree, swept, a paper, plaster, not burnt clay. Repellent a moisture oil and nitro paints, enamels and varnishes, finishing materials from plastic, synthetic connections, ceramics and, certainly, glass and metal. In premises trimmed Repellent a moisture with materials, humidity of air is lower, than in similar, on conditions of operation premises trimmed Repellent a moisture materials. At same time moisture present in them may reduce dryness of air in a premise. Premises with Repellent a moisture walls and ceilings are considered about healthy , and with Repellent a moisture, accordingly - about unhealthy item. However at excessive humidity both in those, and in others premises there is an opportunity of humidifying of walls and a ceiling: in first - due to glut by a moisture of their finishing layers, in second - due to condensation water pair on their surfaces. Therefore only aeration and an air conditioning may serve as radical means of struggle for optimum air on humidity in a premise.

    Natural and compulsory ventilation

    On a way of action ventilation happens two kinds " natural and compulsory. Natural aeration, and easier speaking - airing, is carried out due to a spontaneous exchange of air weights of a premise and external air by a principle of replacement rarefied air (. . Areas with low pressure) air about more high pressure. Clearly, that natural aeration of premises It is carried out through Windows, doors, exhaust channels, thinnesses of building designs, through chimneys of furnaces and fireplaces when they are open.

    Compulsory aeration is made with help of fans creating superfluous pressure of air and moving it(him) in a given direction. Besides distinguish still and exhaust ventilation. At forced ventilation air gets in a premise a natural way (for example, through an open window leaf) or moves compulsorily fan through a ventilating aperture in a wall or a window. Exhaust ventilation works as opposite image. Window ventilation operates as Entering as pressure of external air usually is higher, than pressure of air in a premise more often, but it happens and on contrary and then air premises directs outside. On kitchens, in bathing and toilet rooms it is provided also exhaust ventilation which is carried out through apertures in vertical exhaust channels, leaving on a roof of a house.

    air Conditioning, in essence, is a version of ventilation with that only a difference, that to air certain, comfortable parameters for person on temperature are given, to humidity and cleanliness. Cleanliness of air not less if not more, than his temperature and humidity, is important for health of person. basic dwellings polluting air components are firm microscopic particles of minerals, a wool of animals, fabrics, carpet products, a paper, a soot, pollen of plants, gaseous particles of chemical substances, products of combustion and decomposition of organic substances used in food etc. Many of these particles may cause allergic reactions in an organism of person irritate his mucous membranes raise fatigue and worsen state of health.

    The qualitative structure of air in dwelling in many respects depends on general(common) condition of air environment of area of a presence(finding) of a house, and cardinally to change it(him) in separate air space informed with this Wednesday what inhabited room is, for example, hardly probably. But to not worsen quality of air in premises, and sometimes and To improve it(him) is it is possible and it is necessary.

    Household Split Conditioners

    A little bit(some) private residence in a number of independent devices used for heating of premises, household Split Conditioners - devices of universal purpose(assignment), employees not only for Heating air, but also (basically) for his cooling, clearing, his finishing up to a level of necessary humidity, and also for aeration of premises cost(stand). Heating of air in Split Conditioners is carried out in same way, as well as in Thermal electric fans, hence, as heaters lacks are inherent in them same, as well as Fans.

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