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    Still more recently design of an apartment was accessible only to elites, and overwhelming majority of people were content with typical apartments, repair as at everything, and furniture as at neighbours.

    Psychologists can result not one example when people come to them with complaints, that they do not accept their own house, they feel in it uncomfortably . Happens, clients complain even of smart new repair made at participation of professional designers, but not bringing, unfortunately, desirable pleasure and satisfaction from stay of house. All matter is that few to make simply "beautifully", it is necessary to consider also that psychological influence which is born in themselves with basic components of design.

    The interior of our house is a space surrounding us in which we spend a lot of time, we make important decisions, we search rest and answers to various vital questions, we plan on future. There we daily communicate with most people close to us - our family, we bring up and we develop children. Therefore it is very important to feel houses harmony, heat and a cosiness. It appears, even from an interior it is possible to receive most necessary things. Colors, lines, forms, structures - all this can become your assistant in arrangement of comfortable habitation, so, and a high-grade life.

    The world in colour

    Color - very powerful means of influence for mentality of person. Already for a long time it is known, that colors, since birth associates of each of us, render on an organism, nervous system and mentality of person big influence. Feature of color consists that it acts on us at a unconscious level. Therefore by means of various colors we can operate physical and psychological processes.

    Red, orange, yellow

    Colors of this spectrum are characterized as making active, raising. In psychology they are considered as colors , i.e. an impulse turned outside, aimed on interaction with world around. Therefore with such colors it is good to select subjects of an interior connected with dialogue, interaction between people. If you often feel slackness, apathy, there are no forces for vigorous activity, use red, yellow and orange for improvement of mood and increase of general tone. At someone in your family bad appetite? These colors will help to raise it - feed from yellow and orange utensils, put red napkins and trays. Also it is good to use these colors in game complexes for children or sports corners as they raise nervous system and speed up work of muscles.

    From all colors of a spectrum red causes strongest reactions: speeds up breath and pulse, raises pressure. It is considered, that it promotes work to internal secretion, development of adrenaline, influences a body temperature (raises), does muscles elastic, and joints mobile. Red color also promotes strengthening of various sensations of person. For example, making active along with visual and acoustical center of a brain, it causes a seeming increase in loudness of noise, sounds. Therefore red it is good to choose for registration of parties and holidays, for a room with a house cinema. Wish "to wake up" somewhat quicker in morning and to come to a tone? Then red - that is necessary for your bathroom. It will help you to make active all internal systems of an organism, will inspirit also to energy.

    And here bedroom, certainly, not best place for red, in fact there to us would be desirable to relax, have a rest and more quickly to fall asleep. However there is one nuance which can seem interesting. Red color - a symbol of sexuality. It raises and causes passionate desire. Red can push to sexual rapproachement even if there is no true inclination. This small cunning can be exploited: we shall admit, to introduce in a bedroom red accessories (pillows, bed-clothes, lamps, pictures) or separate elements of a decor (a curtain, wall-papers). If in your house coldly red "spots" in an interior will help to warm it. red room really demands less heating and it seems more warmly in comparison with a premise of cold shades. In children's rooms red it is useful to educational places and subjects - it brings to a focus of child, wakens interest to activity, promotes good storing.

    Orange color in small amounts pleases, encourages and activates, it gives ability to something to do and it is considered one of best colors in psychotherapy. Orange perfectly approaches for kitchen. First, this that place where we receive energy we (eat), so charge of vivacity and good appetite is necessary for best "refuelling" for us. Secondly, majority of women spend a lot of time behind cooking (by way, not their most hobby). Here orange it will be useful to a raising of mood and a physical tone. On kitchen, for example, it is possible to make orange a tile or separate inserts in furniture, to lay an orange cloth, to put flowers.

    Yellow color often associates with fun, entertainments and holidays. It well stimulates, invigorates and recovers, as a bright sunny day. Yellow promotes intellectual activity, concentration of attention, therefore it is good for using for educational activity, preparation for examinations. Yellow - best color for children's rooms: on one hand, it improves powers of thinking, strengthens thirst of knowledge, with another, its influence increases quantity red blood , accelerates growth and raises activity. But do not forget, that excessive use of these colors in an interior can cause strong irritation, aggression, in a plenty these colors tire and can lead to neurotic conditions. In such colors nervous system of person who has well had a rest, restored forces, feeling necessity in a concentrated activities, display of energy "is interested".

    Other group of colors possesses opposite characteristics.

    Dark blue, blue, violet

    These colors bear in themselves calming function, less active any perception. They concern to colors - to impulses turned inside, concentrated on internal closed life. Colors of this spectrum reduce arterial pressure, reduce strong palpitation, extinguish emotions. Most of all they approach for vacation spots, for a berth - only in a combination with warm (it is better green) shades, differently it will seem cold and uncomfortable . If you work much, strongly are nervous, are overstrained, and at home it would be desirable calmness and silences such colors is better will help to achieve a simple interior where nothing will distract, irritate. In children's rooms these shades will approach for hyperactive children to neutralize excessive excitation.

    Dark blue color has braking an effect on nervous system, on emotional sensations it weak, passive, expresses feeling of a friendly neutrality, indifference. Dark blue it is capable to console, unload stress. This color focuss to internal experiences - therefore is good for people who prefer to happen often in loneliness, do not love movement and vanity around of itself.

    Blue color causes sensation of well-being, associates with reliability and a constancy. It calms, creates illusions, withdraws from real. Blue it is not necessary to take a great interest in nurseries as it can slow down growth and development. If wish to lower weight - make blue kitchen, appetite will noticeably decrease. This color well approaches for romantic people, engaged creativity, whose activity does not demand haste, active actions, fast decision-making.

    Violet directs grief, deprives with bright emotions. This color promotes an internal deepening: it helps to abstract from all at present unnecessary and to concentrate on main problem. Violet with gold will approach for a bedroom is will simultaneously give heat and it will help to be fenced off from daily problems. It is considered, that violet - heavy color, therefore it do not recommend to use for children.

    Remember, that long influence of these colors leads to braking and even depression, causes impression something sad and boring. Therefore it is better to refuse their plenty.

    Pink color can be various shades. If it is bright, sated, warm color it should be carried to to group red . It as will draw attention, to make active various processes, to induce to action. And if it is softer, cold (color is closer to -violet), it will concern to dark blue group so to calm, reduce activity. Pink causes feeling of comfort, relieves of notions of compulsion, helps with crisis. This color is good for maiden rooms - it makes impression of tenderness and cleanliness. Bright pink "strokes" (pillows, florets, napkins) will recover any interior and will cheer up.

    Green. Various shades of this color calm, weaken, remove weariness. Green will neutralize action of other colors, helps to disseminate negative emotions, counterbalances and brings tranquility. In this connection its influence use at shocks and strong nervous shocks, thus it also is capable to remove a pain.

    Scientists have established, that green color possesses somnolent action, therefore if you badly fall asleep, it is very good to do green a berth (it can be bed-clothes, a canopy above a bed, walls or furniture around of a bed). It is impossible to paint children's game spaces and sports premises in green color as it causes boredom, does not give bright impressions. But green - rather successful variant for closed and limited spaces since it does not create sensation of pressure and does not give strong emotional influence.

    Brown. This color calms, supports during alarm, excitements, gives sensation of reliability as it is very close to natural nature (the ground, trees). Brown has good effect at a nervous exhaustion - it gives sensation of equal silence. But its big quantity does not please and even burdens. It is not capable to cause bright emotions. Brown well approaches for a house cabinet where you can easy be engaged in scientific activity, write, do calculations, completely having concentrated. But remember, brown does not suit at all children's rooms, avoid there brown furniture and a floor in spite of that many do their such, including this variant by more practical. For bedrooms it too not alive color, in small spaces it too "presses", does not give necessary ease and carelessness.

    Black, white, grey. These colors most neutral, frequently they even are treated as absence of color at all. They seldom cause any emotions (if, certainly, they are not used in lots: a lot of black depresses and upsets, causes fear, and an abundance white - sensation of emptiness and loneliness). excessive use of neutral colors can cause a melancholy and apathy and even to lead to depression. Therefore houses are better for combining these colors with bright warm shades always. It is not necessary to use white and black in those places where you are engaged in brainwork - they cause braking and reduce efficiency of cerebration.

    Silver color calms nerves, reduces excitement, normalizes work internal secretion, renders beneficial effect for work of kidneys.

    The knowledge of psychological characteristics, properties of various colors and their correct use of house will help you to make life more harmonious, quiet and joyful. However it is not necessary to forget, that all well moderately and it is not necessary to take a great interest in any one color or a shade.

    The form. By various researches it has been scientifically established, that form can emotionally influence person. Square, rectangular, round, oval, triangular planes differently distribute our attention and cause different sensations.

    It is not necessary to forget: perception of forms in many respects depends on "associative" memory and symbolics connected with this or that form. Here features of basic geometrical figures.

    The circle gives calmness and tranquility. subject concluded in a circle, causes sensation of confidence and reliability. square is a symbol of equality, simplicity and validity. subject in a square also causes sensation of confidence and clearness. A triangle - a symbol of a harmonious life and well-being. It counterbalances and puts all on places. A rectangular - most rational and correct of all geometrical figures as always and everywhere rectangular was that form by means of which person adapted space or any subject for direct use in life, for example, house, a room, a table, a bed, etc. Ellipse - its two parties personify decrease and an ascention, evolution. inclined ellipse is dynamics and a pressure. It is considered, that ellipse stimulates creative activity.

    Lines. certain influence on our perception is rendered also with various configurations of lines. In an interior of our houses of a line it is possible to see practically everywhere: in registration of curtains, in pictures and photos, in borders on wall-papers and in figures of wall-papers, in compound mirrors and various panels, etc.

    Vertical and horizontal direct lines associate with clearness and calmness. But it is impossible to alternate often horizontal or vertical lines of bright and contrast colors, it can cause very unpleasant sensations, down to dizziness. Smooth contours speak about grace and ease and leave quiet and pleasant emotions. Zigzag lines - are dynamical, they transfer impression of sharp change, concentration of force, fast liberation of energy. Various directions of lines can be used for creation of certain sensations. Diagonals - for creation of impression of movement, power and speed. Verticals - for demonstration of greatness and force, stability and firm stability. Horizontals - to cause sensation of calmness, steadiness and reliability.

    Structure. structure of surfaces simultaneously influences us and visually. In both cases perception of rough, rough and relief surfaces makes active nervous system and other resources of a human body. All this promotes occurrence of raised emotional conditions, increases activity of activity. Equal, smooth, soft surfaces cause a relaxation of an organism, decrease in physiological activity. perception of such structure is capable to calm, reduce a pressure, to neutralize alarm and nervous conditions.

    As well as where to use? You can use various properties of forms, lines and structures in interior as c psychological catalyst depending on your needs and desires.

    Feel weariness, slackness, block? Then "exciting" elements of an interior are necessary to you. For this purpose angular forms, rough and rough surfaces, zigzag lines well will approach - they can excite your nervous system, give activity to physical actions and psychological conditions. For example, in a drawing room it is possible to put furniture with equal direct edges and a rigid upholstery, on walls to hang up corresponding pictures, to pick up wall-papers with similar figure. It is possible to make big mirror of diagonal elements, to find an extravagant luster of wrong form. And also easier to add set of usual accessories: rectangular frameworks, asterisks, angular candlesticks, square boxes. On a floor it will be good to put a relief tile, carpets with large rigid pile.

    If you, on contrary, too often are nervous, feel irritation, is fast happen are unbalanced, houses it is necessary to use "calming" components. In that case it is necessary to avoid sharp lines and uniform differences, sharp corners, and to use forms, soft structures and smooth lines. So in a bedroom it is possible to hang up a round lamp shade, to put round soft small pillows, fluffy coverlets, soft. furniture is better for selecting rounded off, with smooth transitions, with a smooth upholstery, thus it is possible to put and an accessories. Even technics () can be found a computer, musical center of necessary design. To make corresponding registration of a window - to start up rounded off lines of a curtain. To place a heap of different trifles: round, candles, flowerpots, hours.

    Special influence. Happens, that during any certain moment to us happens it is necessary to calm down or, on contrary, to collect all forces. In stressful situations lay a soft blanket, a plaid, take any pleasant soft toy or simply practice with a greater inflatable ball. It is necessary to stimulate activity (preparation for examinations, loading on work, important meeting or meeting, sports competitions, study with something new) - put rough fleecy, take a rigid bast, spread out on a room bright accessories of wrong forms (napkins, photoframeworks).

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