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Principles of perception of space person

The dwelling in one of aspects represents closed space, it is important for us to know principles of perception(recognition) of space person. first, that it is necessary to remember, is that perception(recognition) of space especially be relative and depends on many factors, main thing from which are physiological features of person in general and features of attitude of concrete person in particular.

The nature is infinite, but at same time aspires to completeness of forms accepted by her(it). And person: aspires to grasp immense, but may not do without closed space - only in it(him) it(he) feels like more or less cosy. question on in what space of persons feels like most cosy, is incorrect, as answer on Him(it) depends on what particularly person means: кельтский sol r or Roman патриций, me val townspeople or nomad - Mongol, Russian peasant or French nobleman of epoch абсолютизма, inhabitant of Kenya or United States? So, rich ancient Greeks and римляне preferred to live in halls in height in a little bit human ростов, and Japanese Samurai excellently felt like in a room up to which borders, being in its(her) centre, it was possible to get a sword.

Whether it was necessary to you to be in an empty warehouse building between which walls it is possible to arrange competitions on god? Или_в_Исаакиевском a cathedral in St. Petersburg, uppermost which point of a ceiling soars above you at height about hundred meters? Whether you in them tested feelings of any awkwardness, vulnerability and рефлективного desires to nestle on a wall? Ancient Greeks and римляне, at all their love to huge spaces of temples and a palace, thought out, nevertheless, all architectural dodges for visual reduction of their internal volumes columns sunk in walls (pilaster), put to them or отстоящие from them on certain distance, every possible volumetric ornaments on walls and ceilings - bas-reliefs, Eaves, plafonds, ornament, furnish groan by dark materials etc. And whether was necessary to you to be in Mongolian or Kazakh юрте? If yes, whether remember any else desire arisen at you after you there have come, except for desire immediately to sit on a floor or to lie, that though such illusory way to increase space around of yourselves? Whether oppressive impression from stay in a room without a window is familiar to you?

Centuries-old experience of residing of person in closed space speaks that it has property of psychological influence on persons and in a combination to interior in certain degree forms it(him) as person.

The closed space may press, pleasant& envelop, raise, pacify, result in despondency cause feeling of inexplicable uncertainty and even - fear. The big premise(room) promotes active behaviour of person, to desire to move and communicate with other people, loudly to speak, sing, dance, in a word - to make something. Movements of soul and a body in it(him) are more free. It disseminates attention and makes active abstract thinking. Not without reason ancient Greeks and римляне so loved big spaces, not without reason they are loved and now with most active peoples. However they strengthen feeling of loneliness, in them it is more difficult to remain alone with themselves and to concentrate. big spaces are poorly suitable for dream and rest as do not promote a relaxation and to a lesser degree create sensation of a cosiness and security. They are restless - in them more movement of air and game of light, they are active, in a word. Therefore beds in big bedrooms were with балдахинами - to person uncomfortably to sleep in big volume. Other business - small spaces. They are more suitable for habitation, for dream, rest, reception of food. They are quieter, cosier, in them it is easier to relax, they are more concrete, more личностны and are more confidential. They envelop persons more densely, their softness or rigidity, ease or weight are more appreciable, and at too small sizes they may oppress persons. Not casually one of ways of punishment of person - is his(its) maintenance(contents) in a close premise(room).

The perception(recognition) of closed space depends not only on features of mentality of person, but also from his(its) physiological features, namely - from specificity of perception(recognition) of these borders a human eye. And eye of person is arranged so, that corner of his(its) field of vision, within limits of which persons may perceive a subject as a unit, not Exceeds 45 degrees. It is convenient for us to perceive subjects environmental us, including borders of closed premise(room), one sight.

It is possible only on certain distance from a subject which depends on his(its) sizes. Optimum for perception(recognition) of subjects it is considered distance equal to double greatest linear size of this subject. In this case our sight covers it(him) at once. The subjects which are taking place from us on distance at which they do not hold in our field of vision (a close premise(room)), press on our mentality of not perceptibility one sight, and taking place too far - cause desire to come nearer to them more precisely to see them as a whole. It is inconvenient for us to see only an insignificant part of a wall, a ceiling or a floor that occurs in close premises(rooms), no less than it is inconvenient to see all wall or a ceiling at once, not distinguishing details of which they consist. The second on value factor of influence of closed space on persons is degree of his(its) transparency or weight, dependent on materials of which components forming it(him) are made. So, walls from a massive dark stone more opaque and heavy, than from a white marble, and even more - than from a tree or a reed. Walls from not processed logs look массивнее, than from тесаных, and trimmed with boards - more easy and last are more transparent, than, but it is heavier, than plastered. If for performance of any functions of persons requires big premise(room), it(he) gives to a material of his(its) protections large invoice as, for example, acting constructive or only decorative elements, or processes their special finishing material of rough structure, or simply paints in dark tone. walls processed thus, ceilings and floors are more precisely perceived by a human eye on big distances of such premise(room) and visually come nearer to looking. Walls from a crude stone or from not plastered brick are more pertinent in big, rather than in small spaces. In close space of border, or as architects speak, protections, opposite require illusion of a distance from person taking place in it(him) and consequently should be equal, smooth and light. Not without reason to furnish of a ceiling - to sore point not big on - light tone is always given to height of premises(rooms).

In connection with last argument we shall mention one more factor playing important role in perception(recognition) of space, - a color tonality of his(its) borders. Not accepting while in attention of feature of influence of color to persons - about it we shall talk below, - we shall remind, that dark approaches, and light deletes subjects.

The bent spaces динамичнее round. set of walls and corners in a premise(room) causes anxiety though it looks from it more cheerfully. symmetric arrangement of elements of a protection of space calms, asymmetrical intrigues, but may be cosy at a successful combination and an arrangement of separate details. most expressive elements of wrong closed space are vaulted walls and dome ceilings. They give to it(him) significance and have magnetism for a sight of person. However they are active and too solemn, for example, for intimate premises(rooms).

Except for visual sensations, form of space influences and on acoustical perception(recognition).

Let's note only, that in premises(rooms) with smooth, equal walls and ceilings force of a sound is higher, than in premises(rooms) with rough, relief or ломанными in different directions walls.

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