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Norms of minimal floor space necessary for one person.

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  • Minimal floor space for one person

    The main thing for us in perception of certain closed space is not ascertaining Its physical sizes, and sensations connected with it according to which it seems to us Greater or small, cosy or uncomfortable, convenient or inconvenient for specific goals Our stay in it. In this connection a question what should be in sizes personal space intended for human life.

    The dwelling can consist of some Set of closed spaces, has no unequivocal answer. With a sufficient degree of definiteness it is possible to tell only, that it should be no more than sizes of globe and not less than sizes of person. Therefore at definition of sizes of dwelling it is accepted to be guided standard for certain time and a place by norms of minimal floor space necessary for one person or Groups of people (family). There are, certainly, norms regulating maximal sizes of a premise or group of premises, used for Habitation, but they proceed not from concept of vital necessity, and from town-planning, ecological and other, reasons.

    Norms of minimal floor space necessary for one person

    In CIS countries it is considered to be - and it is fixed in corresponding norms, - that minimal floor space for one person should be Not less than 6 cv m at height of a premise not less than 2,20 m. In Western Europe, for example, approach to normalization of premises depends first of all on their purpose. So, for example, area a vein (the general as speak at us) rooms for 2 - 4 person should be in Germany (DIN 18011) and Sweden not less than 20 cv M, and in Denmark and Holland - not less than 18 cv M (without taking into account area necessary for a stationary place for a dream, and in view of area necessary for a place of reception of food), The bedroom should be area not less than 13 cv M - in Germany, 11 cv M - in Holland and 12 cv M - in Sweden. If to speak about optimum sizes of dwelling on this account at construction of individual habitation it is possible to be guided by recommendations of purse or architects.

    Architects of CIS recommend to start with at definition of sizes of dwelling norm of its area on One person at 9-12 cv M at height of a ceiling 2,50 - 3,00 m. In Germany sizes of area a vein (General) room on 2-4 mens are recommended from 23 cv M (without a place for a dream and with a place for reception Food), and in Sweden - same 20, as at a minimum of a bedroom (for adults) - from 14 and 15 cv M accordingly. recommended area of kitchen (without a place For reception of food) in Germany and Holland should be from 7 cv M, and in Denmark - from 6. The general area of individual dwelling (an apartment, house) with entering into it subsidiary Premises (communication: vestibules, corridors, technical: kitchens, bathrooms, premises For storage and . Item), in official opinion Architects of states CIS, should be not less than 30 cv M for one-two adults person, and In opinion, for example; German (DIN 18022), - not less than 56,0 cv M (without a children's room). Family, Consisting of two adults and one child, should, according to norms DIN to borrow not less 64,0 cv M of a floor space; family from two adult and two children at one children's room - not Less than 68,5 cv M, at two - not less than 73,0. Recommended DIN 18022 minimum for specified cases makes accordingly 61,0; 70,0; 75,0 and 79,0 sq.m.

    About similar norms in United States and other advanced countries we shall not speak. Certainly, that whom borrows design a dwelling available them, resulted norms are interesting only to data, and that who gathers To get individual dwelling, they can serve only as an initial reference point for Definitions of its sizes. At definition of a minimum of free space necessary in dwelling, it is necessary to start with sum of spaces which are required for realization of possible functional movements of person.

    Housing norms

    In any country housing norms if those are available, are calculated on typical person, Is on people with typical needs for given society, a way of life, household behaviour and material opportunities. Clearly, That in different societies and different people can have different representations about that, how many square meters are necessary for person for happiness.

    Monastic kolja monk not want to live in a multiroom private residence, suffocating vanity all its thoughts about extraterrestrial and eternal is represented to millionaire a sepulchral crypt.

    Besides in majority of states accepted housing norms are dictated by tendency of economy material, power and ground Resources. Such norms, as a rule, are calculated on polyfunctionality of separate premises and on Satisfaction of certain minimum of needs, such as, say, a dream, preparation and reception peep, observance of personal hygiene, elementary Forms of leisure and employment on interests. Similar norms do not consider, say, necessity of separate premises, for example, for reception of food (Dining room), employment on interests (a cabinet, a room for games, gymnastic exercises or employment by music and . Item), performance of household work (Washings, drying of things and care of them), storages of clothes and technical equipment, for long-term reception of visitors and relatives, etc. Various norms to some extent consider only a place for performance of these functions Within limits of a multi-purpose premise. Evidently to guess, performance what functions It is assigned, for example, to an apartment with one living room.

    Some West-European norms assume, that part of area of a bedroom for adults can be used as a children's place or a place For work, a part of general room - for reception of food, a part of kitchen - for performance of work on To care of things.

    functionality house areas

    For people possessing greater material Opportunities, a question On size necessary It of habitation passes in most cases from a plane a minimum of area in a plane of definition of quantity of necessary premises. However and in this case quantity of premises and their size should be defined by a principle of expe ncy, whether it is necessary to use, for example, a cabinet only on direct purpose if in it it is supposed to work daily on average no more than 4 hours? Or in general to provide it if it is supposed to be in it No more than 1 hour pass? Whether it will be more rational to combine in first case it with a place for day time rest, and in second - with a bedroom? Whether costs To provide its area of greater, than that, organizations only an individual workplace if in it reception of visitors is not supposed?

    In fact a floor space, except for lumpsum! Demands also constant material and power charges: on equipment, heating, an air conditioning (there where it is necessary), illumination, cleaning, repair. Costs Whether to put energy and money what is nonfunctional for your way of life? Whether it is rational, For example, a three-tier private residence if in it there is no water drain and a waterpipe, and heating - oven?

    The most important at definition of sizes of dwelling (give God that this opportunity was presented each of us) - rationally to start with existing in your or close to you on spirit and a way of life a society of norms of a floor space on one person or on one family, correcting them in communication with personal representations about its functional purpose and opportunities of rational realization In it all vital to you of needs.

    The same at whom habitation already is also to whom to define its rational sizes there is no necessity, it is necessary to take told in this chapter into consideration and To think of how it is more rational to use "inhabited" meters allocated by it, in what, we hope, data stated in this clause will help.

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