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Interior design. most important rules

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  • Interior design. most important rules

    Classics, baroque, modernist style, minimalism, - in any style it is necessary to operate by base rules of construction of inhabited space, one for all. Interior design start with psychology of perception of information person. And, as laws of nature, remain constant and uniquitous.

    Influence of an environment to overestimate it is impossible. Our sincere condition and even health directly depends On it. person who lives in correct, comfortable environment, it is possible to allocate at once from thousand. There is it along street, and to it it is good. Goes to underground, sits on work, - first, that in such it is visible - to well person. It has time "to be charged" at home for all day. Why it such? You at once will understand it, if will visit on a visit. There so it is good, that already spirit grasps. Walls, a floor, a ceiling - all as is usual. If separately. And together all interior fills soul with remarkable feelings.

    Let's study. To create beauty. And to live beautifully.

    Interior design. A rule of gold section

    When we look at a picture, or on a wall of a room, all over again information processes right hemisphere, "technical". For multiple and precise proportions, recurrence of identical elements. Then, if right will not find for itself anything interesting, enters left, "humanitarian". It is responsible for an associative number, imagination, and other lyrics. If artist will draw most beautiful landscape on light, but line of horizon in a picture will halve it exactly - anybody simply will not see beauty of this. brain of spectator will not apprehend any beauty because "humanitarian" hemisphere "not will join" at all.

    The rule of gold section says: any equal or multiple divisions. Only assimetrija and irrationality. It is necessary to combine two colors of wall-papers on walls on third on height? Measure third and still hardly.

    Interior design. Psychology of perception of visual information Let's disassemble things and phenomena from grounds of a daily life. picture Is pleasant or not. Conveniently, cosy in a room or not so. In consciousness result acts only, and head thus makes really greater analytical work.

    At a sight at a picture we run a sight from top left corner in bottom right. Always. Bar none. Right-handed persons and lefthanders. Then we start to wander on a picture a sight, stopping all over again it is simple on bright spots, and then on elements bearing semantic loading.

    Let's disassemble it on an example of geometrical figures.

    Attitudes between these geometrical can be rather dramatic. Depending on their position, image of a square and round get any emotional sounding.

    And all because we look at a picture from top left corner in right bottom, and figures we perceive by turns, means - in time, - means in operation.

    In first case big square "hangs" above a ball. As though now will crush. Round, soft forms, and smaller sizes of a ball it with small and good. An angular square here - "malicious", dangerous.

    And in second ball "soars", as though departs from a square. square now gives us feeling of confidence, validity, rest.

    Interior design. Energy and its absence

    One in a minor, second - in a major. second - it is vigorous, on an arch, aspires upwards.

    Interior design. A major-minor

    We perfectly know all, that this such. Here only we can not explain. What means it is possible to express emotional painting in an interior? First of all - color. Cold are a minor. Warm - a major. And a combination of colors of separate elements as an orchestra, we express already deep and rich emotional conditions.

    Not less important carrier of emotions is form.

    In a picture " in a minor " line of horizon ALWAYS falls from top to down. major - a line of horizon rises

    Arabs read from bottom right corner in top left. And all perception of visual information at them occurs just what isn't needed.

    You only imagine - near to us there live people who perceive world literally inside out.

    I here all think - can, at them and in music same? These viscous, abstruse minor songs invigorate them?

    The form and color are indissolubly connected. If in painting artists subconsciously use all these receptions for expression of an emotional and sincere condition in an interior we reasonably limit emotional components. Imagine environment which constantly stimulates fun-loving mood. joke about girl whom on construction brick has fallen to a head is involuntarily recollected. It only посмеялась. And goes till now - laughs.

    And still, using these expressive means, we can fill an interior with rich, sated taste. Or, for gourmets, on contrary - refined.

    I beg you. Do not start repair, yet have not thought over project entirely, down to furniture. Color of a floor or walls finally approve after will choose case furniture, colors of a upholstery on sofas. Kitchen. Let preparatory stage will a little be tightened. But all will turn out well. I admit to you, I have made a mistake against which now you I warn.

    In autumn did repair in an apartment, in modern style. In a living room has decided to use decision of type " Invisible furniture ". Assumed light facades on cases. Has bought there wall-papers of color " natural flax ". Has come it is time to order furniture - and I with horror have understood, that if to hang light facades - all room becomes too white. Boring. I live while with furniture without doors. I think what to do. I use, probably, doors in colour " a bleached oak ". It absolutely does not differ almost from my wall-papers. "invisible" furniture really will turn out. "Will sit down" on walls, as poured in. Such business.

    And how many at us was cases when clients all same re-stuck new wall-papers after purchase of furniture!

    Interior design. Not decorative role of painting in an interior

    Work of present artist, instead of handicraftsman, works wonders. It is possible to look at other picture simply since morning instead of зарядки. And all - has already woken up and it is ready to labour feats. Why it occurs? We shall not press in parapsychological underlying reason and any indemonstrable mysticism. You collide with other display of this mysterious energy every day помногу time. It " feeling of a sight ". Look in street in a back to passer-by. Or on fellow traveller in underground. person will turn back. And you, not noticing it, answer on hundred times on day to another's eyes.

    Here such they - main rules. Let we also were ran only on tops, gallop across Europe, but you have already received general representation. To a theme of this we shall come back yet time. If our reasonings have really interested you, Vasily Kandinsky's book " About spiritual in art " will be certainly interesting to you. It is one of few program works under theory of painting. In a paper kind it to find it is already impossible.

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