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Dwelling furniture. Three gold corrected arrangements of dwelling

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  • Dwelling furniture

    Who from us had not to be engaged in Dwelling furniture? Rearranging old furniture or placing new, selecting wallpapers on walls on Windows, painting floors, doors or Windows, having subjects of use and hanging up a picture on a wall, we, anyhow, equip or, that in general same, - we arrange well house Also we are founders of his interior.

    Paraphrasing a verse of known poet, it is possible to tell, that all of us a little bit designers. But only instinctively, in what difference between us and professionals consists. As against them we do not know, why it is necessary to do(make) so, instead of differently and if we come to correct decision at times in a roundabout way experiments. And recently, in communication (connection). With varying style of our life and consequently, and attitude(relation) to habitation, we should carry out(spend) experiments on an accomplishment of habitation in increasing frequency.

    Look: still in recent times furniture, for example, was bought practically on all life, and with it(her) if it was necessary, very reluctantly left. Now we may not accept a table or a chair on which we might not to be joyful when some years back bought them. Also put here not so much in variability of tastes of modern person, and

    How many in changes of our requirements caused by modernity (present) for surroundings of private life. Meanwhile traditional constraint of our dwelling dictates necessity of maximal rationalization to reach (achieve) which, not resorting to help of architect, it is possible only being guided by certain recommendations on this account. As majority of us may not or does not consider it necessary to order to expert project of device or a reorganization of dwelling as it is accepted in West, there is a constant necessity of an accomplishment of an apartment or a house on reason. Besides you will not address for recommendations to designer each time when will ripen necessity to buy something from grew shallow or to change wallpapers.

    And in general how correctly to define (determine), what equipment (the equipment here is understood as all conditions of a house) and how many it(him) is really necessary for an optimum accomplishment of your dwelling? As well as where to place it(him), that it Has as much as possible executed applicability? Where it is better to eat, drink, sleep, be engaged in loved(liked) business to have a rest? How to make dwelling such that it always, at any emotional weather was pleasant to us and people living with us that we liked to come back in him(it) at any time day and year and felt like in it(him), as well as to a skin?

    Three gold corrected arrangements of dwelling

    Than dwelling in physical sense is? closed space of certain size. From what reasons of persons defines (determines) this space? From a reason with physical sizes of body - time, and with functions which it(he) it is conscious or is instinctively going to carry out in this space - two. From here corrected 1, and main rule of Dwelling furniture to which should be guided at device of dwelling.

    The dwelling should be maximum functional. To this simple rule as shows experience of millenia, it appears, completely not simply to follow. mankind any more once in history had to overestimate attitude (relation) to dwelling, up to lock and a palace. Nevertheless question what should be ideal dwelling for person, on former remains rather actual. It occurs because attitude(relation) of person to dwelling undergoes constant evolution, and still because evolution this is almost always caused by varied needs(requirements) and material opportunities of person. Both needs (requirements), and opportunities may be incorrectly determined and appreciated, besides they may conflict with each other. To all this it is added also a cargo of certain national or regional traditions. In result many of us if not majority, are not able to arrange dwelling so that it in greatest To degree answered their needs(requirements). Organizing personal closed space, majority of people proceeds from prejudiced and passing representations, momentary requirements of a style, social taste and social prestige.

    More often people connect impossibility of an optimum accomplishment of habitation to lack of his(its) area, and frequently - it is fair. But sometimes, having run will of destiny, a case or own ambitions in other extreme measure - in surplus of personal space, people unconsciously try are smaller to be in it(him), testing, in essence, same emotional and physiological discomfort, as inhabitants of close dwellings. Let's not conduct here propagation paradise in a tent - we shall leave this employment (occupation) to poets. But to majority of a world's population including our country, during all life it is necessary to be reconciled with lack of inhabited of area. The main sense of a rule _ 1 is to not aggravate lack of personal closed space and to not reduce to a minimum positive factor of his(its) prosperity, having transformed dwelling in an exhibition of achievements of furniture industry and home appliances or in a sad bag about four or more walls and having made itself, such In image, appendix to it(him).

    Unfortunately, so it is arranged while our world, many of us may not on be to other reasons completely free in a choice of qualitative or physical parameters of habitation, but even those who presumes to itself it, frequently make a wrong choice. But also in that, and in friend cases a postulate that dwelling for person, rather reverse, should be determining for maximal his(its) adaptation in concrete space, for concrete person or group of people.

    All in dwelling - from a threshold, walls and a roof up to a chair, circles and pictures on a wall - as much as possible should work on persons, living in it(him). It means, that it first of all should be functional and whenever possible is more full answer physiological and to spiritual needs of person. Breaking this major principle of dwelling, we go against organic law of a nature which underlies its(her) self-organizing - law of expe ncy. person as a part Nature also it is instinctively expe nt. Notice, how we do not like to go on vectorially planned (to please to an aesthetics) to foot pathes: instinctively we - try to choose shortest way and we break rectangular sanctity, laying tracks through a lawn. In ours personal dwelling to which we trust body and soul, should not be any sanctity, except for sanctity of expe ncy.

    Even time and unloved, it is in certain piece of human life his(its) second environment, and - not only physical, material, 110 and somewhat - spiritual. The great French writer and speculative psychologist Onore de Balzak compared dwelling to a costume. Quite fair comparison, perhaps. In badly cut out, close, inconvenient and ugly habitation, as well as in poorly tailored and unattractive and force of it a costume of persons may not feel like in plate. Besides it is impossible to dismiss position known to us, that On a costume to a certain extent it is possible to make representation about person, his(its) carrying.

    I believe, that it is not necessary to convince you more what to form housing environment follows so that in it(her) it was convenient to do(make) everything for what you intend her(it). May be, expression will seem to you naive intend (clearly for what house is intended, - for dream, rest, reception of food as refuge from external vanity and a bad weather), but precise comprehension of your needs(requirements) coordinated to our material, physiological and spiritual opportunities, and also with circumstances of your life and should be defined(determined) (you) for what your dwelling should be intended.

    Well, for example, for dream. To sleep - business sacred. And where still(even) to sleep, how not at home? But to sleep as? On a floor or on a bed? On a sofa or on couches? On a feather-bed or on a rigid matress? In a separate premise(room) or somewhere in a corner? To sleep, to sleep, or to sleep, to work? A head to a wall, a door or to a window? Only at night or in afternoon too? In heat or a cool? In silence or is unimportant? To wake up at light of day (sun) or and darkness? To fall asleep with book, under sounds of music, at viewing telecasts or only having put a head on a pillow? To you provisional, that is why incomplete list to a question about your possible(probable), requirements to organization, for example, dream.

    For reception peep habitation, certainly, too should intend. On besides: how, as where? Under full program and only at home, or a house - only easy breakfast and tea before dream? Whether you at home will be engaged in any work? And may be, at all do not gather to do(make) in it(him) what - or work and you have servant? As you like to have a rest: laying, sitting? Looking in a ceiling, in a window, in book, on screen of TV set or on burning logs of a fireplace? Listening to radio or babble of children? Conversing with wife or with aged parents? And where you will smoke, if smoke or to drink, if like to pass(miss) in evening a glass of beer, fault or a wine-glass of a drink is more strong? Whether you will do(make) gymnastics in mornings And if yes, where: at home or behind his(its) limits? Fans(amateurs) you to get warm in a bath or prefer souls? And may be, you are going to get(start) a dog? And in general, what you are still going or would like to do(make) houses?

    And your members of household? Whether you considered their interests, needs(requirements), bents and tastes? A condition of their health, physiological features, age? Where and In what your children will play, whether it will be convenient to be engaged in study? And where your wife if she(it) at you is, will paint lips and to powder a nose? And you, wife, whether have thought you of a loved(liked) armchair for husband? And about a loved(liked) mug for son?

    This list it is possible (and it is necessary) to continue indefinitely when you define(determine) functional applicability of house and want, that it(he) was convenient for you and all his(its) other inhabitants. It is impossible to grasp all possible(probable) requirements to dwelling which may and each owner should show. main thing - not size of list, and his(its) maintenance(contents) coordinated to character, habits, physiological and spiritual to features of inhabitants of dwelling.

    Estetichnost' dwellings. An aesthetics and functionality of dwelling

    Under any circumstances at any house (a private residence, an apartment or a room) should be, besides functionality, one more indispensable aspect - estetike which is shown in certain form and which, as against first, is connected to our perception(recognition) and is more individual, more as it is directed in greater degree on spiritual, instead of physiological needs(requirements) of person. And where, how not in dwelling, it is possible to surround itself with beautiful forms? And here functionality main danger - traps submission to its(her) form. The slogan of known American architect Sallivana - Form should follow function as it is impossible is more fair, is especial for our dwelling. From here (the following rule

    Aesthetics of dwelling should not dominate over his(its) functionality. In other words, dwelling first of all should be maximum functional that is convenient, is practical, it is rational - name, as want, and then already - it is beautiful. Or so: everything of what dwelling consists, and everything, that in it(him) is, should be convenient and practical (functional) and only provided that is invested in beautiful, on your concepts, form. Beautiful, but inconvenient, impractical and irrational " or Simply - unnecessary, should not be in your house. Beautiful, but inconvenient bed at best will not give you to sleep, and in worse - will spoil your backbone. Certainly, combination of convenience and beauty but if you should make a choice between them it is necessary to stop on convenience is ideal.

    The slogan Is beautifully everything, that it is convenient as it is impossible is more applicable not only for clothes, but also for dwelling and may serve for you as a quite good consolation if you ideally are not capable to combine in it(him) convenience and beauty. The combination of appropriate aesthetics and functionality is distributed and to such things, as pictures, sculptures, vase, products from textiles, every possible figures, both figurines and other products with which person long since aspired to decorate house. Not having only practical value for inhabitants of a house, they, nevertheless, may carry out function of satisfaction of lasting need(requirement) inherent in person in aesthetic pleasure. To smooth lacks of an interior of a room and separate subjects of it(her), to give to it(her) a cosiness, certain test tonality and to create at people taking place in it(her) certain(determined) adjust to remind of any events and so on. Besides many of these things may work on image of owners of a house.

    If owner - passionate collector, it(he) may place collection or its(her) part where be on a wall or in a prominent place behind glasses of case furniture to emphasize once again to admire treasure. owner of diploma of Cambridge university may hang up it(him) in a beautiful framework on a wall if considers it necessary to allocate education status. In any case, solving problem about necessity of this or that in house, whether it be a chair, a padded stool, floor hours with fight, bust of Napoleon or a picture, is necessary to think of its(her) functional conformity to your dwelling as a whole and to a that place where she(it) will be placed, and about she(it) should carry out what role. picture of big sizes what outstanding on skill of execution(performance) and a plot she(it) was, will not execute the Aesthetic function if will hang in close , diploma about termination(ending) of Cambridge will cause a derisive smile, instead of respect, if Will hang in kitchen, and modern smart vase will look ridiculously on shabby, old piano.

    Specificity of each dwelling is defined(determined) not only levels of his(its) functionality and an aesthetics, but also his(its) parameters - by general(common) sizes and sizes of his(its) separate premises(rooms), their quantity(amount), character of light exposure, a degree of protection against climatic conditions of given district and an environment, quality building Materials of which it is made, quality and a technological level of his(its) engineering equipment etc. Therefore at arrangement of a house, an apartment or a separate room it is necessary to remember, that their functionality depend on listed factors and are with them in dependence. Really - convenient, beautiful, big and magnificent sofa may look ugly in a room in which it(he) will borrow(occupy) half of area, and his(its) remarkable properties will create to you comfort are saddened with inconvenient approach to it(him) or that, sitting on it(him), you will prevent pass of your members of household or visitors. A rich carpet on all wall in small and To badly covered room will press on you weight and besides will pull together among themselves walls, and large beautiful in itself figure of a fabric window which so has liked you in shop, will not be in harmony, with color and figure your expensive(dear) wallpapers. Thus we deduce(remove) one more important rule to which you always should follow, undertaking any steps on an accomplishment of habitation.

    Parameters of things necessary for you should be correlated to parameters of your dwelling. Here under parameters are assumed not only sizes, but also form, quality and structure of a material, and also color and functional purpose(assignment) of subjects determining in set an image of dwelling.

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